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     At American Legal Center,We will help you with your legal problems.

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     Whether you need to evaluate your option in the US or you need help in solving your financial problems in bankruptcy will give you the best service that you deserve.

     We are your "go to" law office if you need assistance in

* Amnesty
* Bankruptcy
* Change of status
* Consular Processing
* Chapter 7
* Deportation / Removal Defense
* Employment based petitions
* Family based petitions
* H1B
* Immigration
* IRS Tax problems
* Labor Certification
* Visas

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* Over 16 Years of Experience
* Fully Licensed and Insured
* Worldwide Representation   US Immigration
* Personal Attention On Every   Case
* Extensive Trial Experience
* Professional Legal Help
* Employment Based   Petitions
* Regularization
* No Out of Pocket Expense If   You Qualify-Tax Preparation
* Paralegal Used for Routine   Matters (keeps Your Costs   Low!)
* IRS Tax Problems
* Change of Status
* Adjustment Status
* Electronic Filing
* Refunds
* All of our Tax Preparers are   CTEC Registered
* Payment Plans Available
* Active Member of State Bar   of CA
* Tagalog Spoken
* Appeals AAO/BIA

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